Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Ugly Side

My daughter, Jayce, and I got to go out exploring in the bay area neighborhood that we vacationed in. It was 100+ degrees and obviously no cloud cover but it was so much fun. Jayce decided early on in our adventure that she didn't want to walk or even be put down so composing pictures became a challenge. For this picture we had to get as low as we could to the ground, and if you could imagine a grown man holding an 18 month old in his left arm, camera in right hand, almost laying down in the hot sand, and trying to focus you would understand how we looked. I wouldn't trade that hour for anything. We found this old rusted can sitting on...well I am not sure what it is on but it just captured our attention. I do mean our attention because Jayce really wanted to take it home with us.  

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