Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Journey

I love photography. From the moment I picked up my mom's Canon AE-1 I knew that I would always want to take pictures. That was over ten years ago and I am still picking up the camera. When I first started I was taking pictures of everything from frozen basketball nets to jump shots to church's buried under volcano rock but these days I am finding it harder to really know what I want to take a picture of. This is me rediscovering myself as a photographer. What you see will be what I am shooting at the time. I hope you enjoy the images as I rediscover my photography eye.

This first set of images were taken in San Antonio and Austin. I drove around Austin with my little brother looking for the perfect shot. The one in San Antonio was taken from the 25th floor of our hotel. That was a lot of fun to do and a challenge dealing with reflections.

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  1. these are great! i especially like the third image. looks like a set in a film.